Surveillance in Workers’ Compensation and Disability Cases

One of the common investigative tools utilized by insurance companies in an effort to terminate Workers’ Compensation cases and Long-Term Disability claims is surveillance, whereby the insurer seeks to observe a claimant and capture activity which it determines is inconsistent with the claimed limitations of an insured.

It is very important to never do anything more than the restrictions your doctor gives you. It only takes one minute of film from the company hired for surveillance by the insurance company to hurt your case. I warn every client about surveillance. All to often, people do not listen. They are filmed carrying something heavy, running, or in the mall shopping carrying heavy bags. It could be simple yard work. If you claim you are injured then let other people help you with your day to day activities that you claim you can not do.

Many claims are terminated due to surveillance. If your claim is terminated due to surveillance or other investigative tools, it is imperative that you seek out counsel during the administrative appeal process, to secure and protect your rights and develop powerful arguments that will help you succeed on your claim.