Why apply for Social Security Disability while receving LTD benefits

Getting Social Security Disability May Protect Your Continued Receipt of LTD Benefits

Almost all ERISA long term disability plans will offset (decrease) your LTD benefit by any amount you receive from Social Security for your disability. If you win your Social Security claim and the LTD insurance company has to pay you less money per month, they have a smaller financial incentive to deny LTD claim. In addition, Social Security Disability requires the tougher "total disability" from any job. Most LTD plans only require you to be disabled from your "own occupation" initially. Winning SSDI benefits will strengthen your claim for LTD benefits.

If your LTD benefits are stopped by the LTD carrier, you will still have income coming in from Social Security. Also, at some point you should be entitled to collect Medicare. Regardless of your age, 24 months after your date of entitlement to SSDI benefits, you are eligible for Medicare benefits, which includes Part A (hospital benefits) and Part B (medical benefits). A variety of Medicare Advantage plans also are available to you.