Long-Term Disability, Get a Lawyer As Soon As You Are Cut Off

I was talking with a potential client yesterday about her Long-Term Disability case. She had a very good case. She was receiving LTD benefits for 36 months. After the 36 month period expired, the definition of disability changed. The LTD carrier sent her to one of their paid doctors who said she could work within the definition of her policy. The potential client appealed the decision on her own. She only sent in her medical records and a brief statement. That was the only thing she did for her appeal. She did not have her doctors respond to the insurance carrier’s doctor, she did not have any of her doctors write letters in support of her case.

This is a case that she might not have won on appeal to the LTD carrier, but it would have been a good case to file in the US District Court, had her claim been properly handled. Unfortunately for her, she did not call a lawyer until her appeal period was over. This was a costly mistake. Instead of letting an experience lawyer handle her case properly, she handled it improperly. This will likely cost her the benefits she should be entitled to. Just submitting medical records to the LTD carrier is not going to change their minds. That is why it is so important to get an experience Erisa attorney as soon as you are sent a denial letter from the LTD carrier. The appeal process is so important to your case because that is when you have the ability to make the claims file as strong as possible. The lawyers at Allan W. Ben P.C. are aware of the current case law for LTD benefits. We will work with you and your doctors to get the information that needs to be submitted on your behalf to make your case stronger.

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