Negotiating a Long Term Disability Settlement or Buyout

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A buy out of your LTD benefits may or may not be in your best interests.

Our office frequently negotiates settlements and policy buyouts for our clients. A successful case usually results in reinstatement of benefits or a lump sum payment from the insurance company.

Settlement discussions must be approached with care. Settlement discussions typically involve calculation of the present value of benefits, the structure and timing of settlement payments, and the status of related health insurance or life insurance coverage.

Your disability insurance company will review and analyze your long-term disability policy and other factors to determine the value of your policy.  When calculating your buy-out offer, the insurer takes into consideration various factors including: present value calculations, mortality tables and the chance you will not need to continue your long-term disability payments for life.

Please call our nationwide phone number at 1-866-540-0677 to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys. The majority of ERISA cases are litigated in federal court. If necessary, we can file lawsuits in any state.


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