Injured on the Job? Learn more about Workers' Compensation

1. If you need medical attention immediately seek a doctor.

2. Report the injury to your supervisor. Make sure that the injury is properly logged or recorded by your supervisor.

3. When getting medical attention for your injury, take note of the names of the doctors who are treating you. Remember, you are not required to see a company doctor.

4. Make sure to get contact information from any witnesses: name, address, home and cell phone number, email. See if the witness will write a statement for you.

5. If possible, use your phone to take photographs of the accident site. Take photographs of your injuries as well, both before and after treatment.

6. Do not sign anything, or give any recorded statements, until you have spoken with an experienced workers compensation lawyer. You may be signing away your rights without even knowing it.

7. If you are injured, stop working until released to work by your doctor. Additional labor could severely aggravate your injury. If your doctor releases you to light duty, you do not have to return to work unless your employer agrees in writing to abide by your doctor’s restrictions.

8. Contact an experienced workers compensation attorney as soon as possible after your injury.