Will Geoffrey Fieger and Ven Johnson get an impartial jury?

Soon Geoffrey Fieger and his partner, Ven Johnson, will stand trial in Federal Court accused of making illegal contributions to John Edwards’ presidential campaign. Lawyers for Mr. Fieger have already claimed he can not get a fair trial in Detroit because of responses received from potential jurors in the case. Mr. Fieger and his law firm have won some of the largest verdicts before juries in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne County Circuit Courts. Mr. Fieger’s firm has helped a lot of his clients get settlements in these counties as well. Mr. Fieger is regularly in the news and runs television advertisements which might help him with potential jurors. The judge in this case said he believes that an impartial jury will be able to be picked. After the trial it will be interesting if the jurors speak of their opinion of Mr. Fieger and his law firm.

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