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Social Security Disability and The Evaluation Process

In determining whether or not you may be entitled to Social Security Disability, the SSA uses a 5-step sequential evaluation process. 1. The first step is whether you are working? Step 1 determines if an person is “working”, according to the Soci… Read More
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Some of the medical conditions our firm handles

When it comes to Social Security Disability, Workers’ Compensation and Disability cases, our firm represents persons with many different medical conditions, including: Diabetes Depression Anxiety Arthritis Multiple Sclerosis Chronic Fatigue Syn… Read More
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A Child Can Also Get Benefits if a Parent is Receiving SSD Benefits

A child or children whose parent is disabled can sometimes receive disability benefits. These benefits are called “auxiliary benefits” by Social Security. Several requirements must be met: a. The disabled parent must be receiving Title 2 Social S… Read More
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New Medical Conditions Qualify for Automatic Social Security Benefits

The Social Security Administration has released new compassionate allowance conditions that became effective March 1, 2010. If an applicant is suffering from any of the conditions on the Compassionate Allowances list, his/her application is fast-trac… Read More
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Allan Ben Was Successful in Another Social Security Disability Case

Metro Detroit, Michigan attorney Allan W. Ben received a favorable decision from Social Security Disability Administration today. The client diagnosed with “moderate mitral valve stenosis and moderate to severe mitral valve regurgitation”. The cl… Read More
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Can you Refuse to go to a Social Security Medical Examination?

Yes, you can refuse to go to a CE, or consultative examination, commonly known as a “social security medical examination”. However, this would not be a smart move. In fact, a failure to attend a scheduled exam can potentially be grounds for a den… Read More
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Applying for SSI Disability

SSI Disability stands for supplemental security income. In terms of disability, SSI is designed to provide disability benefits for those people who have either never worked or for people based on their work history and earnings, were once covered for… Read More
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How Your Doctors Can Help You Win Your Social Security Disability Case

Having your doctors participate in your SSD case is imperative. Unfortunately, doctors are often reluctant to writing letters and filling out forms on behalf of Social Security Disability Claimants. Nevertheless, if your doctor, based on his or her t… Read More
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Social Security Disability and Credibility of Testimony

It is very important in Social Security Disability cases to testify truthfully, if not you will discredit your testimony. So often in these cases clients embellish their injuries and end up losing their case because of this. Here is an example of cas… Read More
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