Social Security Disability Question - How Much Will I Get Paid?

Often after winning a case or even while a case is pending, a client will ask how much will I get paid monthly from the social security administration? The dollar amount Social Security Disability or SSi benefits an individual will get depends on how much that individual worked in the past and earned during that time or in the case of SSi it depends on the individual's claim circumstances. For disabled widow's, it depends on how much the spouse earned and for a disabled child, it depends on how much the parent earned.

Once a client wins a case the Social Security Administration mails out a sheet of what the back amount is owed and how much will be paid in the future. There is no way to tell how Social Security calculated the amount. If you want to know why you are being paid what you are being paid, you must go to your local Social Security office and speak with a person there.

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