We Can Help You File Your Initial Application

If you are disabled and think you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, your first question may be, “how do I begin the application process?” The process begins with educating yourself on the eligibility requirements. There are many free resources available on the internet, including this site.

You can also contact a professional representative such as an attorney’s office who represents clients in Social Security Disability cases. I do not believe that you should contact a Advocacy group, they are not trained in the law. The lawyers at Allan W. Ben P.C have years of experience winning Social Security Disability cases. At Allan W. Ben P.C., we work with first time applicants or those interested in appealing their Social Security Disability application that was denied. Our lawyers will walk you through the process to determine if you are eligible for. If so, we offer to be your representative through the process, helping you submit your initial application for Social Security Disability Benefits, collect medical evidence, and appeal your denied claim in court if needed.

Applying on your own exposes you to the risk of not winning your case, or not winning in the first round, which may delay receipt of your cash benefits for years.

Call us today at 1-866-540-0677 to help you file for Social Security Disability benefits if you suffer from a physical or mental illness. If you are in Macomb County, Oakland County, Wayne County or anywhere else in Michigan and need help with your Social Security Disability case, contact our office at info@allanwbenpc.com.