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Social Security Law

If you have suffered an injury that has resulted in a disability, you may be able to collect compensation from Social Security. Call us at 1-866-540-0677 for a free consultation. Our Michigan Social Security lawyers have experience helping people obt… Read More

Types of Illnesses

If you have a chronic disease of any kind, whether physical or mental, that prevents you from working, you may qualify for SSD or SSI. Some conditions, but not all, are noted below. We have represented clients with all of these conditions and more. T… Read More

Types of Restrictions

In SSR 83-10, the Social Security Administration defines the different exertional levels of a job. Social Security defines each level based on how much weight can be picked up, how long a person can sit and stand, how long a person can walk etc. Sede… Read More

Evaluation Process

In determining whether or not you may be entitled to Social Security Disability, the SSA uses a 5-step sequential evaluation process. 1. The first step is whether you are working? Step 1 determines if an person is “working”, according to… Read More

The Process Explained

1. Initial application The claimant must complete an application for disability benefits. Then, the Disability Determination Service obtains your medical evidence and goes through the 5-step evaluation to determine disability. The claimant may be sch… Read More