Is a Michigan disability attorney required for me to appeal the insurance company's decision?

Allan W. Ben, PC: No, but your chances of obtaining your disability benefits increases when you have an experienced Michigan disability attorney who knows the "rules of the road." If you can retain an attorney early in the process, you will have more time for the attorney to shape the appeal in your favor, by focusing your appeal on the important issues. In addition to focusing your appeal on the issues that matter, the attorney can help you a void the irrelevant issues which can be misused to deny benefits. There are many pitfalls throughout the administration of a disability claim. A Michigan disability attorney can help you avoid making mistakes in the initial application, Activities of Daily Living Questionnaire, at interviews, at IME's or at home visits. Lastly, an attorney can also help make sure that your medical evidence supports all of your claims for disability benefits, whether they are to the Social Security Administration, Merit Systems Protection Board, Office of Personnel Management, or NYCERS.