Allan W. Ben P.C. practices ERISA Law in all 50 States

At Allan W. Ben P.C., we believe that we are among the very best ERISA lawyers and disability lawyers in the nation. Allan Ben has been voted in Michigan to be a top ERISA Lawyer by Dbusiness Magazine. Our ERISA law firm wants to help victims of abusive insurance company tactics get their benefit payments they are rightfully owed, no matter where they live in the United States.

In the past, before the Internet and e-mail and fax, you were limited to hiring local ERISA lawyers. Very few lawyers practice in the area of ERISA so it was difficult to find the best ERISA lawyers.

But now modern technology permits you access to the best specialized legal talent to help you get the ERISA benefits you are entitled to and win your case.

How does this work? For initial insurance claims and all appeals, an ERISA case is always a "paper" case. There is no need for you, the client, or your attorney to attend hearings or depositions or anything in a courtroom. There is a very important exchange of information among the claimant, the attorney, the insurance company, and the physicians. But this can now all be done via internet, telephone, mail, fax, and e-mail.

So it doesn’t matter if your ERISA disability attorney is right next door to you or on the other side of the United States. ERISA is a federal law, not a state or local law requiring local knowledge. It is important that you work with a experienced, specialized ERISA attorney.

If you have questions about Long Term Disability claims, please contact our experienced lawyers today at 1-866-540-0677.