You Need Strong Medical Support to Win Your Long Term Disability Claim

I have had several interviews with possible clients in the past month. I have turned down many of these cases because they did not have good documentation from their treating physicians. The potentital client did his/her appeals without the help of an attorney who has knowledged of Long-Term Disability law. Without strong medical support from a your treating physician(s), it is almost impossible for a claimant to get approved for long-term disability benefits.
You must always be aware of the medical records documented by your treating physician and any documentation that the treating physician sends to the disability carrier. The attending physician statements that disability insurance companies send to your treating doctors contain open ended questions that allow the disability companies to manipulate the answers in support of claim denial. You should always review the attending physician prior to returning the form to the disability carrier.
More importantly, you should always hire a lawyer to take over your case before it is to late. If you are in Macomb County, Oakland County, Wayne County or anywere else in Michigan and need help with your LTD case, contact our office at