Interstitial Cystitis and Long Term Disability

I am representing a client in a long-term disability case. She was receiving benefits for the past 13 years. The LTD carrier Matrix Absence Management cut off her LTD benefits claiming that she is unable to show any objective evidence that she suffers from Interstitial Cystitis.

Interstitial Cystitis is a condition that results in recurring discomfort or pain in the bladder and surrounding pelvic region. Symptoms include an urgent need to urinate, a frequent need to urinate, or a combination of both. Many researchers believe that this is not one disease, but several diseases. People with severe cases may urinate as many as 60 times per day. Because symptoms are similar to those of other disorders of the urinary bladder and because there is no definitive test to identify Interstitial Cystitis, doctors must rule out other treatable conditions. There is no cure for Interstitial Cystitis, nor can they predict who will respond best to which treatment.

My client’s disease has been very painful to live with. It has caused her to have depression beceause there is no real cure for this disease. It is very sad the way Matrix Absence Management is not treating her after paying her LTD benefits the past 13 years.

If you have been receiving long-term disability benefits anywhere in the United States from Phoenix, Chicago, Columbus, Detroit etc. and have been cut off by the insurance company you should seek an attorney immediately. Contact our office through our email at