Why Are Couples Married for 30 Years or More Are Getting Divorced

Al and Tipper Gore recently announced that they were separating. This came as a surprise to many people in this country who looked at the couples’ 40-year-marriage as ideal. Their announcement has also brought to light a trend that many divorce attorneys have seen for a while. The dissolution of long term marriages has become more and more common. The Wall Street journal recently wrote an article about this. ‘Til 40 Years Do Us Part

More and more couple are getting divorced later in life because people are healthier and are living longer. Marriage experts say that couples who may have stayed married to raise their children, or were so busy raising children that they didn’t take a hard look at the state of their marriage. Some people do not want to live another 20 to 30 years with a partner they are not happy with. Also, marriages change once their children are grown and move out. Women are also more financially independent with their own jobs and less dependent on their husbands. With children grown and finances in order, couples who find themselves no longer in love with each other might feel like there’s nothing holding them to their spouse and that it’s possible to divorce.

Marriage experts believe that a couples need to be refocus their marriage after children leave the home. The couple needs to make it more about the couple again. Therapists say that adult children can be a strain in a marriage and can contribute to tension and “gray divorce” if the couple differs in how involved they want to be in hands-on parenting. In order to avoid a divorce after a decades-long marriage, therapists and marriage experts say it is important to check in with each other to see if both partners’ needs are being met.

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