Michigan Family Law – Hiding Money From Your Spouse

What is financial infidelity? It is a subtle form of cheating, disloyalty to your spouse. Many people think it is benign because you just leave out some information, like you bought a new dress and told your husband it was on sale when it really wasn’t. Or, your spouse gets a credit card that you don’t know anything about and hides it, with the purchases, from you. But, any lie can be damaging to the trust relationship in a marriage and can cause cracks in the foundation.

When I was driving to work this morning I was listening to the radio. The two guys were joking about how difficult it is to be married and deal with the issue of money with their spouses. They took many calls from listeners. Many people, both men and women, discussed how they would hide money from their spouse. Some hid the money because they felt their spouse would spend it, some liked having money for an emergency, some just wanted to save the money for a rainy day. There are many reasons to hide money from your spouse, but is it right to do?

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